Advanced Training Course: "Educational Yoga at School"

Advanced Training Course: "Educational Yoga at School"

University of Padua – FISPPA Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology.

University of Padua – FISPPA Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Pricology.

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to our joy and satisfaction the "Educational Yoga at School" is appointed for the third year by the prestigious and ancient University of Padua.

The UniPd Call for enrolment in the Advanced Training Course is open and places are limited.

The course is aimed at teachers of all subjects, pedagogues, psychologists, educators, yoga teachers, social and health workers and undergraduates in Psychology, Biomedicine, Motor Sciences and Training.

A new tool of neuro-psycho-pedagogical approach that aims to bring out the potential of the child, boy, adolescent in the ability to learn, concentrate and relate to others, with theoretical insights and research dedicated to the holistic world, combined with recent innovations in the Science of Education, Developmental Psychology of the Developmental Age, Philosophy and Neuroscience.

The SSD "Educational Yoga" is present and contributes, with its twenty years of experience with workshops and practices of movement, breathing and contact, teaching silence, relaxation, listening, creating empathy and closeness among the very young; is committed to bringing out the potential of the boy and raising his ability to learn, concentrate and relate to others.

We believe it is better to teach children to appreciate the process, rather than the judgment on the outcome.

This attitude produces in them a kind of internal guidance, of space of non-judgment, self-esteem and joy in engaging.

The group of trainers is composed of:
University professors and researchers from the departments of: 

Education sciences:

  • Direttore Prof. L. Agostinetto
  • Prof.ssa M. Benetton 
  • Ph.D. M. Ius
  • Prof.ssa A. Naccari – uni Roma

General psychology:

  • Prof.ssa D. Lucangeli
  • Prof. P. Tressoldi
  • Prof.ssa M. Lenzi

Medicine, Neuroscience UniPd:

  • Prof. E. Facco


  • M° Y. Yahiro
  • M.Sc L. Georgantjeli
  • Ph.D.  M. Comunello

The topics concern:

  • Pedagogical Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Historical, Philosophical and Psychological Sciences
  • yogic principles and practices
  • the principles and practices of educational Yoga

It is the third edition of the Advanced Training Course on Educational Yoga for children, teenagers and adolescents at the University of Padua and in general at an Italian University at national level.

The course will take place in 8 monthly meetings
: Friday, h 14.30-19.00 and Saturday h 9.00-13.00 and 14.30-18.00,
distributed from September / October 2022 to June 2023.
Total 96 hours of attendance. (80% compulsory) at the university classrooms in Padua and Treviso.

The program includes: lectures, laboratories, project work, exercises, seminars, internships, and the final exam.
To participate in it, a bachelor's degree is not required and the Teacher Card Bonus is accepted.

The students therefore acquire from Higher Education:

  •  high multidisciplinary, theoretical and practical skills, specific methods and tools to support the growth of the child, boy and adolescent as experts in the enhancement of the principles of Educational Yoga at school;
  • the skills, according to the method of Educational Yoga, for the scholastic insertion of: movement, conscious breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, visualization and contact;
  • the skills to carry out interventions with respect to the difficulties experienced at school by teachers and students (ADHD, BES, bullying, DSA). The course builds a professional profile that allows students to operate as:
  • instructors and / or consultants, facilitators, external experts at educational institutions, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools of 1st and 2nd degree, public educational agencies and private social (Onlus, Associations, Cooperatives, etc ...).
  • Scholars and technicians specialized in educational yoga with high theoretical and practical skills, experts in the dissemination and enhancement of the discipline;
  • Experts in theories and practices of educational yoga able to apply the knowledge acquired as consultants for teachers, pedagogues, yoga instructors, psychopedagogists with particular reference to holistic disciplines;
  • Organizers of cultural events related to educational yoga.

We believe that it is an opportunity not to be missed, both for the credits CFU at the university level of the Course, and for the collaboration between trainers from the Yogic-Holistic environment and from the Academic world, in the reality of the prestigious and ancient University of Padua.

We will discover together, supported by medical, pedagogical, psychological, yogic science, how and why Educational Yoga brings Wellness to the Student and the Teacher.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

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